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BlazeVOX 2018

A song of mourning and fury, the Big Energy Poets anthology is an invitation to change the self—and the world—through embodied practice. Amidst ecological catastrophe, listen to the recordings of recently extinct animals while walking through Wal-mart; learn charms for hemlocks to ward off harm; discover the unfamiliar in the familiar in order to re-see; apologize to celery and strawberries. The body of the poem meets here the body of the world. -- Nomi Stone

Contributors include: Stephen Collis, CAConrad, Adam Dickinson, Suzi F. Garcia, Brenda Hillman, Brenda Iijima, Anna Lena Phillips Bell, Lucas de Lima, Eric Magrane, Joyelle McSweeney, Julie Patton, Evelyn Reilly, Linda Russo, Metta Sama, Kaia Sand, Kate Schapira, Jonathan Skinner, Cecilia Vicuna.



April 2010, digital commemoration

Poets for Living Waters is a digital commemoration archiving the human affective response recorded in poetry to the BP Oil Disaster of April 20, 2010, one of the most profound man-made ecological catastrophes in history. The project includes hundreds of poetry and poetics publications, along with a series of international reading events. You can read more about the endeavor in“Poets Acts on Oil Spill” by Shell Fischer at the Poets & Writers website.

Contributors include Annie Finch, Linda Hinton, Brenda Hillman, Karen Neuberg, Alicia Ostriker, Craig Santos Perez, Minnie-Bruce Pratt, Ariana Reines, Tom Savage, Jennifer Scappettone, Jonathan Skinner, Ron Silliman, Anne Waldman, Franz Wright.



April 2010

Using a steam iron, permanent ink and 'locally thrown' trash, Pressing On produced twenty-five limited-edition broadsides of selected work from Poets for Living Waters.



Heidi has worked on the editorial staffs of The Georgia ReviewSalt Hill Journal, and Verse, roles for which she evaluated, copy-edited and proofread manuscripts; participated in editorial meetings; corresponded with authors; and presented the publications at festivals.

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